Solomomo™ Skin Care Analysis

Solomomo™ Skin Care Analysis

The Solomomo™ Skin Analysis System is composed of three parts: The Wand, the Frame, and the Easel. The Wand collects the data, the Frame provides a real time view of what the Wand sees. ​ The Wand and Frame are both held by the Easel, which serves as their power and connectivity hub, atop the bathroom counter. The Wand and the Frame are paired wirelessly over a private, secure WiFi connection, so the user can settle into their favorite spot to perform their Skin scans, read Skin Reports, learn about products that address their needs, and even purchase products directly from the Frame.

Dermatology + Data on the Bathroom Countertop

The Skin Wand is purpose built with thirteen different frequencies of light to capture the skin under all of the imaging scenarios we believe to be informative. By comparison, a less capable dermatoscope will have one to three frequencies of light, cost close to one thousand dollars, and require a dermatologist to operate it. Solomomo processes the images for its users through its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) data pipeline.

AI Insights

Artificial Intelligence means truly personalized skin health and care insights, not based on surveys but based on each person's actual skin health and product usage.

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